Astra 2E changes

The current channels we receive are transmitted from a number of SES owned Satellites, not just one. And each Satellite has more than one Beam.

Imagine each satellite is holding 2 torches, 1 has a tight beam over the UK, and the other is a wider beam over Europe.

For pricing reasons alone, BBC and ITV ext, have elected the UK spot beam. Its cheaper to rent space on than the bigger pan European beam.
As BBC etc, is only intended for licence payers in the UK, Its all they need really. This signal still reaches as far south as Madrid

Previously, These channels were on Astra2D also on a UK beam. This beam however was still good for our areas with the correct size dish.
Astra2D has since retired and most of our channels were moved onto Astra1D early last year. 1D has a nice big wide beam. As a result, we all got better reception.
1D however, is was only intended to be a short stop gap to hold these channels until the launch of SES Astra’ new birds.

Astra2F and Astra2E were due to replace the ageing satellites but due to delays, this took some time as you know. Astra2F is now fully operational and has taken some free stations onto its UK beam. Like channel five and 4o7 to mentions a few.
However this change has been minor and the loss of channels has only effected some of the more obscure ones that are not so popular.
We extensive testing in this part of the world, we have concluded that the 2F spot beam would require larger than 3.5m dishes.

Astra2E is intended to take over from 1N and carry the majority of the UK free stations in the coming weeks or days.
As it is exactly the same design as its sister 2F, Is in the same orbital position, and has the very same UK beam, We can only take an informed but likely outcome of the future.

Sky channels will remain for the time being on the wider pan european beam and should be largely unaffected.


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