Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
Based in the Costa Del Sol, Spain, we are an organization with over 20 years extensive experience in all fields of Internet as well as Satellite TV. Astra2 is the branding for our latest generation of IPTV. We have a team of qualified IT networks experts alongside a leading content delivery network. Changes to the Astra 28 degree fleet, have meant that viewers based in some parts of Spain, are faced with the loss of regular free UK tv stations. There are an estimated 70'000 british households within the area of reduced signal. aims to provide a quality low cost service to enable these households to continue to receive UK TV.

How does it work?
IPTV has been around for a number of years, In fact our product has been sold in the USA, Turkey, Greece, Italy and other countries that require very large dishes or simply have no reception of the Astra 28 degree signals. New technologies like HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), H264 compression and HTML5 have allowed the technology to move forwards in huge leaps. Our product is pushed to a number of Internet data centers across the globe. This ensures that no single server is responsible for the channel feed. This creates resilience and back up, and ensures that no matter where you are, you will be connecting to a fast server close to you. Our Amino A140 Set top Box allows a simple TV connected solutions which requires no complex cables, VPNs, or proxy servers. Our box operates very much like a "Freesat" box The simple intuitive program guide offers the viewer with the best experience. Only with HTML5 and HLS can the guide move so swiftly and smoothly, effectively allowing channel changes just like a Sky box and without long pauses and delays. Smart-time is our full 7 day backward EPG system. We record the TV shows from all of our channels and store them on our servers. This content is as easy to view as live TV, Simply scroll backwards in the planner and start watching. We also list the content in an easy to find context menu within the guide. Our set top box is feature rich and is one of few offered that has the ability to feed via RF to another TV set. Most homes have more than one TV point. We even have magic eyes and spare remote controls available so you can watch and control from your bedroom or spare room. Being HTML5 based means that product updates and future enhancements are instant. with no need for software updates. Cheaper boxes with more expensive subscriptions exist, 'Smart-Sat' for example use the MAG-250 set top box. These are openly sold on auction sites like eBay for around 50 euros. These hobby boxes do not contain the same hardware or software compared to the Professional Amino A140. Comparisons on price of hardware should be made carefully, as well as comparing the cost of future subscription.

What Speed internet is required?
Typically, 1.5mbps is required for the live feed. HLS streaming only downloads small parts and stitches them together on the fly. This avoids buffering effects and ensures a near live stream. We recommend at least a 2mbps connection to ensure the best quality, however some internet providers may not be able to deliver this speed as a constant. Its best to check first using a speed testing site such as Live TV streaming in H264 will consume around 600Mb per hour. This will count towards your data usage so check you have a true unlimited package from your provider. WISPs or wireless providers will normally not be able to provide this amount of data to more than a handful of subscribers. Once the switch off from Astra 2F happens, a large number of users will switch to this type of system. This will add significant load to networks and generally, wifi networks will suffer. They may eventually block access in order to sell there own TV solution.

How do I get started using my PC / MAC?
The PC / MAC version of the app requires the Adobe Air Platform. This is freely available software and can be downloaded here. Select the best version for your operating system version (needs to be above version 2.5) For more information please read the Watch on PC or MAC page

How do I get started using my iOS device?
There are two versions of the app for iOS devices; one for small devices (iPhone, iPod touch) and one for all versions of the iPad. No need to visit the app store, these apps simply run as a web app.

I have registered and cannot use the system, what can I do?
You will be sent an email after registration that validates the email address you provided. Please make sure the email you enter during registration belongs to you and is entered correctly. The validation email contains an html link, so may get picked up by your spam / junk filter so please check there. If you are still having issues please email us giving us as much information as possible to help us assist you

Do you share my information with anyone else?
No, we do not share any personal information with any other third-parties. We also ensure that you will only be notified of special offers that apply to you, any email that we send you has a link on the bottom that will remove you from any future mailings if you prefer. If you want more information about our privacy policy, you can read it here.

I'm using a VPN or Proxy - will this affect my use of the service?
If you are using a Proxy server the service will not work properly. This is because the IP address that makes a request for content will not match the IP address that gets sent the content and this will breach the stream security we use. If you are using a VPN service, this should not affect the service, however we cannot guarantee the VPN is allowing a suitable level of bandwidth for streaming content. To check your internet speed visit this site

The video is stuttering / buffering a lot, what can i do?
This is normally caused by a slow internet connection. You may find that catch-up and video on demand plays better than live if this is the case. To check your internet speed visit this site

Can i use my account on multiple devices?
Yes, you can use the same account login on multiple devices but not simultaneously. When you log in on one device, it will automatically log you out on other devices.

I believe my account has been compromised, what can I do?
If you think someone else has your account details or you have to keep logging in every time you use the app, please let us know as soon as you can and we can re-issue you with new account details. You can contact us by email please include your account details.

How do I delete my account or cancel my subscription?
If you want to stop using the service, you can simply let us know here and we will cancel the account. You can also cancel your subscription by logging on to PayPal and following the instructions there.

I am getting the message 'You are not subscribed to this channel', why is that?
You will be shown this message if your subscription has failed for some reason. It is worth checking with PayPal that the subscription is active.

Why do you not have +1 channels?
We do not have +1 channels because all of our channels are recorded and available after programs have finished. Five minutes after a program has finished, it's available on catch-up or in the video on demand section.

Are payments made to you secure?
Yes, we use PayPal with their world renowned security. We do not take or store any payment details ourselves.

I am interested in becoming an affiliate or reseller, what should I do?
We are always keen to talk to individuals and companies that are interested in becoming affiliates or resellers. Please contact

Do I Need to set the clock or make any changes when the clocks change?
The Set Top Box has a built in time server. On initial set up, simply select your timezone from the on screen menu. This can be changed if required in the settings menu by pressing the blue button.

Can you record onto the USB of the Amino Set top Box?
The USB is currently disabled in our firmware. In our testing and focus groups, it was just too complex. Recording is such a pain. It would simply create more support calls than you the reseller would care to deal with. The USB stick has to be of a certain type. The USB stick needs to be formatted by the box before it can be used. The USB port tends to fall out too easy The file type it records can only be used by the box and not by a PC You can only record the channel you are on and watching You cannot record if the box is in Standby or viewing another channel recordings would be interrupted if the internet went off or slowed dow due to other usage in the home. We record every single program and keep for 7 days we keep soaps and other entertainment for unto 30 days As the recordings are done at server level, all these issues plus program clashes are non existent.

My IPTV set top box switches off after 3 hours! is this normal?
Yes, If the box has been left on the same channel for 3hours, It assumes the box is unattended and will go into sleep mode. A pop up will appear on the screen to warn this will happen, Simply pushing the OKAY button will stop this from happening.

Is there a "User manual" available for the Set Top Box?
Yes, You can find it Here

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